Washing Instruction Symbols

Every piece of clothing comes with a tag. If you see this tag, you’ll notice various different symbols. These are washing instruction symbols. They tell you how the piece of clothing must be washed in order to keep it safe and help it to last long. Taking proper care of your clothes is very important. If you don’t follow the clothes washing instruction symbols, you might even end up ruining your clothes. Some pieces of clothing are very delicate and expensive and these need more care. Washing them like you wash your other clothes will positively ruin them. You won’t even be able to wear them for a second time.

Washing Instruction Symbols

washing instruction symbols

Knowing about washing instruction symbols and what they mean is thus very important. So, how do we learn about laundry symbols? There are so many of them that we are bound to get confused. This is why we ought to follow a guide or at least learn about the basic washing instruction symbols. Some of them are easy to understand like a bucket with a cross means no washing in the machine. Such clothes can only be dry-cleaned. If the bucket contains a hand, then the piece of clothing should be washed with hand and no machine washing.

The symbols containing dots can actually be confusing. There might be one to six dots in the bucket and each of these washing instruction symbols tells you temperature at which the piece of clothing should be washed. It is important that you choose the right temperature because the safety of your clothing depends on this. Some clothes need to be washed in cold water while some require very hot water. Others need luke warm water. If you mix them up, then as aforementioned, your clothes will be destroyed.


Hence, read about washing instruction symbols carefully. You can go through the internet for detailed explanations about each symbol. When you buy a washing machine, the instructions booklet will tell you about each symbol in detail and will also help you step by step through the whole washing process. Washing might seem like an easy procedure but it is not. There are a lot of considerations to be thought of. Taking washing easily, without being careful will be very harmful for your clothes.

Be safe, follow all the washing instructions symbols and see to it that your clothes are clean, washed the way they are supposed to be, and well taken care of.

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